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Hi, I’m Ayanna, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my virtual business! If you are one of the millions of small or medium-sized business owners in North America, you know that competition is stiff. It can be challenging to stand out to your current and potential customers. I have launched my business AB-Arias Virtual Assistance to help enhance and streamline digital and print content for business owners like you. The fact is that the way you decide to tell the story of your unique business journey can help you grow your business.  Whether you aim to inspire, motivate or educate, I can help you delight your customers and stand out above your competitors. If you partner with me, I will produce stand out content by using cloud productivity Apps like GSuite, design tools like InDesign and Canva and the latest CMS platforms like WordPress. Wouldn’t it be great to have extra time to focus on the big picture finally? The great news is that with my help, you be confident that your content will keep customers coming back and bring in an even larger audience. AB-Arias Virtual Assistance is here to help you execute on your content creation and reporting projects. My Virtual Packages include Digital and Print Design and Publishing, Reports and Presentation Solutions, and WordPress Site Creation and Support.

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Need Help With Content?

These packages are perfect for you if you need to do any of the following:

  • Design, format and publish online digital newsletters, magazines, posters, forms or event collateral.
  • Build single landing pages to display engaging digital marketing content or print materials for events.
  • Analyze and transform your raw unformatted data into concise reports and presentations that tell your compelling story.
  • Showcase your products, services or events on a custom branded WordPress sites.
  • Automate your content management systems or event marketing communications.
  • Amplify your brand’s online presence with beautifully designed email newsletters or social media content.

Advantages of Partnering With AB-Arias Virtual Assistance

  • Your brand will look great online and in print.
  • Your customers and other stakeholders will receive your branded content in the quickest and most efficient way.
  • Your messaging told through reports and marketing materials will be consistent and engaging.
  • Your content management systems will be streamlined, easy to navigate and track.

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What Sets AB-Arias Virtual Assistance Apart?

  • Over twenty years working for virtual teams to help design, format, and edit stellar marketing materials.
  • Technical expertise – working with productivity cloud apps, including specialized skills like database management, HTML and CSS, excel macros, pivot tables and lookup functions and proven experience with CMS platforms like SharePoint and WordPress.
  • Expertise and certification using social media platforms.
  • Training on how to automate the way you deliver marketing materials and reports to your audience.
  • Access to thousands of licensed photos, templates, graphic elements, themes and plugins.
  • A unique way to publish standout online reporting features like graphs, infographics, maps, dashboards in engaging, interactive formats.

Committed to Continuous Learning

I earned a Social Media Marketing Certificate from George Brown College, and have learned basic HTML, CSS, SQL, and video editing skills. In addition to this, I have a Bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University. My specialty is using marketing automation services like InfusionSoft by Keap and Mailchimp, content management platforms such as WordPress and cloud-based productivity across Google Apps and Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud Products. By using my solutions you can communicate your vision and impress your customers! Helping small and mid-sized business leaders by creating excellent and innovative customer experiences is my ultimate goal. If you want to partner with someone who will work hard to understand your vision and take your business content and events to the next level, I would be delighted to speak with you.
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