Virtual Event Planners Survival Kit

Virtual Event Planners Survival Kit

Have you decided to plan a virtual conference or webinar for a product launch or to bring your expertise to a group of your stakeholders? If so do you know where to begin?  Smart entrepreneurs and business leaders design products and services with a laser focus on how they can improve people’s lives and solve their biggest pain points. What do clients struggle with and what will make their lives easier?  This problem-solving approach and attention to detail should be followed when designing events. Whether your goal is to inspire, motivate or educate, your events should be infused with the same desire to meet customer needs as all other aspects of your business.

With this in mind, I have gathered the top tools to help you identify key steps in the event planning process. Use this as your go-to survival kit for planning events. These tips and tools mostly focus on virtual events, meetings and conferences but take into consideration hybrid events that may require some on the ground/live aspects. The explosion of cloud technology apps built to simplify the planning workflow means that more memorable and seamlessly organized virtual events are at your fingertips. Of course, you should keep in mind that there is no substitute for adding a personalized human touch so that you are providing a memorable and useful experience for your audience. I have created some resources I am calling Virtual Event Planners Survival Kit. First take stock of your planning needs by checking out my infographics Conference Event Timeline and Automating Event Planning: Hosted Vs. Custom Online Event Planning Tools, then download the bonus  Virtual Event Design Checklists to get advice on what to track as you go through the planning process.   Happy Planning!  



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Virtual Event Planners Survival Kit by abariasbiz


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