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Premium Virtual Assistance – Project Coordination

  • Streamline Stakeholder Communications
  • Unblock Project Team Progress
  • Monitor Project Timelines
  • Track Project Budgets/Manage Costs
  • Keep Work On Schedule
  • Organize and Track Deliverables
  • Document Project Information
  • Plan and Schedule Meetings

Premium Virtual Assistance – Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Customer surveys creation and analysis
  • Customer Scorecards
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) Services
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Extracting data from Pdf files for analysis
  • Importing Large Data Sets
  • Perform advanced calculations and functions –  Vlookup, pivot tables, Conditional Formatting, Access Queries
  • Format, edit and add data to presentation slides
  • Business Intelligence Reporting and dashboard visualization
  • Design and package pitch deck presentations
  • Create interactive dashboards or Infographics
  • Proofread Presentations and Reports
  • Transform Data into Charts, Graphs and Infographics
  • Embed interactive dashboards on your website
  • Research and Write Report Content

Premium Virtual Assistance – Executive Assistance Package

  • File management automation – Google Mail and Outlook
  • End-to-end event virtual management
  • Advanced Email Management
  • Forms and Workflows automation – Gravity forms, Google forms
  • Customer Support
  • Business Communications Content Writing, Formatting/Editing
  • Vendor Onboarding and Management
  • Social Media and Digital Media Management
  • Social Media Web Analytics  – Google Analytics

Business Presentation and Reporting Center

Presentation Data Import, Preparation and Analysis

  • Importing data from source large data sets or from many digital sources
  • Cleanse, parse and blend data
  • Perform advanced calculations and functions –  Vlookup, pivot tables, Conditional Formatting, Access Queries
  • Format, edit and add data to presentation slides

Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Visualization

  • Design and package business reports
  • Create interactive dashboards or Infographics
  • Proofread presentations and  reports
  • Transform  raw data from spreadsheets into charts, graphs, infographics or communications
  • Embed interactive dashboards on your website
  • Research and write new content, adhering to your company style guidelines

Types of  Reports and Presentations

    • Annual Reports
    • Mass Emails or Postal Mail Campaigns – Mail Merge
    • Interactive Pdf Presentations
    • Monthly or Quarterly Executive Summaries
    • Budgeting & Forecasting Overview
    • Sales and Marketing Campaign Analysis
    • Infographics
    • Human Resource Reports/Organizational Charts
    • Flowcharts/Process Maps/Mind Maps
    • Event Analysis
    • Website or Blog Audience Reports
    • Interactive PDF Reports
    • Short Video Reports

Loyalty Program

  • Conduct CRM analytics to research create, edit, and publish loyalty program materials and plans
  • Developing integrated marketing materials across channels including print, brochures, email and web
  • Coordinate and ensure the delivery of the rewards to customers
  • Oversee loyalty programs’ customer service and inquiries
  • Analyze campaign performance and report rewards statistics to owners

Marketing Automation Ultimate

  • Build more complex campaigns for Newsletters, ebooks or eCommerce landing pages
  • Integrate with advanced plugins for greater functionality
  • Customize campaign elements with custom HTML and CSS
  • Generate analytics reporting on lead and conversion metrics

Marketing Automation Advanced

  • Manage products and Shopping cart
  • Produce quotes, invoices, and track payments
  • Track recurring payments
  • Create checkout pages
  • Conduct maintenance on projects and campaigns to keep as current as possible

Marketing Automation Starter

  • Enter and track a small contact subscriber list
  • Managing subscriber lists and tag based on behaviour, demographics, and interests
  • Build basic automated email templates, web forms of Landing Pages using your logos and branding
  • Set up basic broadcast emails
  • Run basic reports for campaigns

Gifting and Recognition

  • Personalized and branded thank you note or certificate
  • Produce individual items: such as postcards, water bottle, notepads, folders
  • Produce custom award certificates for (up to 350)
  • Research personal gifts to recognize contributions of presenters
  • Custom branded swag packs: clothing, mugs, tote bags or other unique business gifts
  • Production of video short message of thanks or congratulations (created in Camtasia)

Event Design Ultimate

Everything from the Event Design Starter and the Event Design Advanced plus:

  • Produce short professional event animation or video
  • Design contests, polls & quizzes, surveys or takeaways
  • Produce certificates of completion
  • Source and produce speaker and participant gifts and swag
  • Consult with subject matter experts to create e-learning content for event
  • Moderate interactive chat during the event
  • Participate in post-event assessment activities and analysis

Event Design Advanced

Everything from the Event Design Starter plus:

  • Design interactive event Forms
  • Register and track participants
  • Develop, edit and distribute keynote presentations
  • Provide speaker support including orientation, agendas and speaker notes

Event Design Starter

  • Research webinar/video conferencing platform options
  • Design promotional materials such as invitations, brochures or posters
  • Source images for social media event promotions
  • Evaluate and document technical requirements
  • Set up the back end of conferencing platform

WordPress Site – Ultimate

Everything from the Advanced package plus:

  • Develop SEO strategy and connect to tools such as Google Analytics and Yoast
  • Implement custom categorization and tagging of blogs
  • Restrict content and products to members
  • Add subscription (recurring payment) options
  • Install advanced plugins integrations
  • Customize membership emails
  • Train your team on advanced functionalities
  • Optimize pages for mobile devices
  • Content Layout design for up to 5 additional pages
  • Work with your content team to post blogs
  • 6 days of email support
  • Up to 5 sidebar widgets (links, recent posts, recent comments, tags cloud, advertising)
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WordPress Site Support – Advanced

Everything from the Starter Package plus:

  • Add WordPress advanced security and SEO functionality plugins
  • Advise and help plan and set up of eCommerce store
  • Install and set up memberships plugins
  • Training on WordPress features to be able to maintain a site
  • Create a detailed landing page with advanced forms
  • 3 hours of phone or email support
  • Connect to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Website speed test upon launching
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WordPress Site Support – Starter

  • Search for and register domain hosting provider
  • Choice of any theme from hundreds of WordPress theme designers
  • Up to 5 Pages with your content (About, Services, Contact, etc.)
  • Customize a theme of your choice with licensed images chosen from Stock photo sites
  • Addition of your logo to the header area of the theme (Provided by you)
  • Include a basic contact or quote form
  • Secure site with SSL Certificate
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