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These aren’t your average virtual assistance packages. See what premuim packages can do for your business!
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Solution NameSolution Summary$Package Hourly Price
Premium Virtual Assistance – Executive Assistance Package
  • File management automation – Google Mail and Outlook
  • End-to-end event virtual management
  • Advanced Email Management
  • Forms and Workflows automation – Gravity forms, Google forms
  • Customer Support
  • Business Communications Content Writing, Formatting/Editing
  • Vendor Onboarding and Management
  • Social Media and Digital Media Management
  • Social Media Web Analytics  – Google Analytics
Premium Virtual Assistance – Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Customer surveys creation and analysis
  • Customer Scorecards
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) Services
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Extracting data from Pdf files for analysis
  • Importing Large Data Sets
  • Perform advanced calculations and functions –  Vlookup, pivot tables, Conditional Formatting, Access Queries
  • Format, edit and add data to presentation slides
  • Business Intelligence Reporting and dashboard visualization
  • Design and package pitch deck presentations
  • Create interactive dashboards or Infographics
  • Proofread Presentations and Reports
  • Transform Data into Charts, Graphs and Infographics
  • Embed interactive dashboards on your website
  • Research and Write Report Content
Premium Virtual Assistance – Project Coordination
  • Streamline Stakeholder Communications
  • Unblock Project Team Progress
  • Monitor Project Timelines
  • Track Project Budgets/Manage Costs
  • Keep Work On Schedule
  • Organize and Track Deliverables
  • Document Project Information
  • Plan and Schedule Meetings