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Building Your Customer Loyalty Program Without Breaking the Bank

Customer Satisfaction Cards

For small business owners looking to get on the loyalty train, weighing the value of rewarding customers and keeping costs low presents a challenge. Without the budget of a large corporate marketing department, how can smaller shops compete? Building a Loyalty program that excites and engages your customers on a much smaller scale than a major corporation or retailer is possible. Buzz phrases like “customer journey” or “voice of the customer” are sometimes useful, but at its core, what we are talking about is treating people as you would wish to be treated and this includes the very human need to feel recognized and valued. As was the case with my bookstore experience, there are timeless principles for keeping customers happy and engaged. When we pair these fundamental principles with innovative new technologies and creative planning, you will see how small businesses can get in on the loyalty program action on a budget. Below I discuss how to build your program by looking first at types and characteristics of loyalty programs that work then I explore the benefits and best practices used by big brands, finally, I layout creative ideas and resources to inspire you to implement your Loyalty program without breaking the bank.

Helping You Create Awesome Events & Content, Virtually

Feeling overwhelmed with too many projects, proposals, meetings, events or social media campaigns? Tired of working around the clock on your never-ending task list?  If you are a Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Social Enterprise leader, my services will keep you at the top of your game! My Virtual Assistance Solutions at AB-Arias Virtual Assistance will keep your events and content on track and save you time and money. Running your small business events and content just got much easier!

8 Productivity Cloud App Integrations to Solve Common Small Business Problems

Many of the technology struggles entrepreneurs have as they build a new venture involves finding tools to automate processes and save time and money. They ask themselves questions similar to those I have had executives ask me in my career as an Executive Assistant, “Can you work your magic?”, “Can this be done in the next few hours?” and, the ever popular “I know what I want but do we have something that does that?”. Business leaders naturally often lean toward the latest and shiniest and most impressive services or features. At times it was as if they were describing music or fashion from an era long past. “I heard that so and so in sales has a spiffy new macro” or “the new HR Director created a neat interactive brochure.” A manager I worked for often asked me to “jazz up” our weekly internal communications email to staff. With the explosion of cloud technology leading to more automated and impressive business processes for every office task, who can blame executives for their desire to have the next cool productivity tool?

Virtual Event Planners Survival Kit



Have you decided to plan a virtual conference or webinar for a product launch or to bring your expertise to a group of your stakeholders? If so do you know where to begin?  Smart entrepreneurs and business leaders design products and services with a laser focus on how they can improve people’s lives and solve their biggest pain points. What do clients struggle with and what will make their lives easier?  This problem-solving approach and attention to detail should be followed when designing events. Whether your goal is to inspire, motivate or educate, your events should be infused with the same desire to meet customer needs as all other aspects of your business. With this in mind, I have gathered the top tools to help you identify key steps in the event planning process. Use this as your go-to survival kit for planning events.