Marketing Automation Solutions


Marketing Automation


AB-Arias Virtual Assistance can help by streamlining your sales and marketing process using automation. Grow your subscribers and better engage your customers with our Infusionsoft Keap and Mailchimp Services.

    • Help you to configure email campaigns, newsletters, landing pages or shopping carts to build your brand and promote your business.
    • Tailor your messages to your particular customer base so they receive personalized communication.
    • Analyze your customer behaviour data to understand how your customers are interacting with your products or services.
    • Manage your special offers, referral, coupon and giveaway programs.
Solution NameSolution SummaryPackage Price$
Marketing Automation Starter
  • Enter and track a small contact subscriber list
  • Managing subscriber lists and tag based on behaviour, demographics, and interests
  • Build basic automated email templates, web forms of Landing Pages using your logos and branding
  • Set up basic broadcast emails
  • Run basic reports for campaigns

Marketing Automation Advanced
  • Manage products and Shopping cart
  • Produce quotes, invoices, and track payments
  • Track recurring payments
  • Create checkout pages
  • Conduct maintenance on projects and campaigns to keep as current as possible

Marketing Automation Ultimate
  • Build more complex campaigns for Newsletters, ebooks or eCommerce landing pages
  • Integrate with advanced plugins for greater functionality
  • Customize campaign elements with custom HTML and CSS
  • Generate analytics reporting on lead and conversion metrics